n. 05 Chayei Sarah

Sarah dies, and Abraham buys a burial cave for her in Machpelah. Then Abraham sends his servant Eliezer to his brother Nahor’s house to find a wife for Isaac among his own people. At the well there, Eliezer encounters Nahor’s granddaughter Rebekah, and finding her worthy and willing, brings her back to marry Isaac. Then Abraham takes a new wife, Ketura, and becomes father of six more children.

Sara muore e Avraham fa costruire per lei un mausoleo in Machpelah. Quindi Avraham manda il servo Eliezer a casa del fratello Nahor, con il compito di trovare, tra la sua gente, una moglie per Isacco. Al pozzo, Eliezer incontra la nipote di Nahor, Rebecca, perfetta e degna: la giovane accetta la proposta.
Avraham si risposa con Ketura e diventa padre di altri sei figli.

Parasha Chaye Sarah – Parashot Chaye Sarah - THIS WEEK'S Parasha n.05 Jewish Art , The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron – The Illustrated Torah Scroll