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No. 1

Special unique times…(Coronavirus syndrome)… combined with special unique situations (No tourism in Venice), need special unique solutions (selling via internet).

No. 2

A Special unique product (the Illustrated Torah scroll) which has been proven to be a great fundraiser for Jewish Schools and Jewish communities (makes between 45K and 145K) – combined with internet gives birth to special offers (please continue to read and explore).

Thank you – Alon Baker – The studio in Venice.

These are some photos of the scrolls. The top one is a mini scroll, (the canvas is 10”high). The bottom one is a medium scroll (the canvas is 14-1/2”high). If a community buys the medium, we offer – as a gift the mini. This offer is valid until the end of March 2020

1-mini and medium scroll_LQ

The cost of the medium scroll is 6,000 euros including S&H to client. Following you can see some of the sidrot.

The artist, Michal Meron worked on this project for four and a half years. We can provide, if needed contacts to communities who have used the scroll as a fundraiser. Needless to say, the scroll is a wonderful teaching tool in Hebrew and English to be enjoyed by young and adults. The scrolls can be dedicated in the name of families or private people This is a unique item which will give years of pleasure to the users..

The following photos show a different scroll, the Jewish Festival scroll which represents our main holydays. This scroll is an alternative offer for those who are not interested in the mini Torah scroll.

Also this scroll can be dedicated in the opening part to families or private people.

Hoping to have awakened your interest we are looking forward to your questions and comments.