It’s the darkest hour yet in the history of the fledgling nation. Slaves in a foreign land, subject to the cruelest of decrees. ….

As the book of Genesis closes, the seventy souls of Jacob’s family become the twelve tribes of Israel. Cosmic secrets are almost revealed. The children of Israel sink deeper into exile, but the exile in Egypt will end when…

Joseph finally reveals his identity; his brothers are remorseful, his father overjoyed, and all come to live …READ MORE.

Pharaoh has dreams nobody can interpret. In the first seven lean cows eat up seven fat cows and in the second seven healthy ears of corn are swallowed up by seven lean ears of corn. Joseph is called to unravel the dreams. He explains..READ MORE

Jacob favored Joseph above all his sons, and made him a coat of many colors. Joseph had dreams in which his brothers and parents bowed down to him, and when he told his brothers, …READ MORE

The night before meeting with his brother Esau after an absence of twenty years, Jacob struggled with a divine being and wrested from him a new name, Isra’el (“Struggler with G-d”). The next day Esau and … (click to read more)

In the desert, Jacob dreamed of a ladder stretching between heaven and earth, with angels going up and down. In his dream, G-d promised to bless him with many descendants and divine favor. Jacob named this place Bethel. Arriving in ….

Isaac and Rebekah became parents to twins. Esau became a hunter, while Jacob remained in the camp. Isaac favored Esau, Rebekah favored Jacob. One day Esau sold his birthright to Jacob in exchange for some lentil stew. When…READ MORE

Sarah dies, and Abraham buys a burial cave for her in Machpelah. Then Abraham sends his servant Eliezer to his brother Nahor’s house to find a wife for…

One day three divine messengers come to Abraham and Sarah, telling them that they will soon have a son. G-d then tells Abraham that the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah will be destroyed. Abraham argues with G-d to spare Sodom, – if at least ten righteous people could be found there – and G-d agrees. ….