Micrography is a Jewish form of embellishment of biblical texts and marriage contracts (Ketubboth), developed in the 9th century. Minute Hebrew letters form representational or abstract designs, without transgressing the second Commandment.

The second Commandment, prohibiting the making of “graven images” for idolatry, did not restrain Hebrew manuscript illumination during the middle Ages.
In fact, whenever Jewish illuminators opposed representational art, it was mainly the result of the stricter attitude of their general environments. For instance, the Jews in Muslim countries refrained from depicting human figures in sacred books because of the Muslim prohibition against such illustrations.

MICHAL MERON, a leader in the field of Micrography, presents in this exhibition a number of works produced between 1990 and 1996. Some are connected to Biblical text, such as Kings I and Isaiah and the Torah. Others are connected to Psalms, to The Song of Songs and other texts from the sacred scriptures and depict either parts of the old city of Jerusalem or artistic interpretations connected to the specific Micrography.
We invite you to look with the magnifying glass at the works exposed and enjoy an ancient Jewish form of art.

Visit The Exhibition “Micrography. The art of painting using Biblical texts” at The La Storta Exhibition Space – Cannaregio 1233 Ghetto Nuovo Venice

Opening Sunday 22nd October 2017 from 5pm to 8pm

Exhibition Open from the 23rd October to the 15th November 2017

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