The Illustrated Torah is artist, Michal Meron’s, unique pictorial interpretation of the 54 weekly sidrot of the Torah, plus a special painting illustrating the 10 Commandments. The paintings are presented on a single canvass scroll with rollers, like a real Torah. The scroll includes selected texts in Hebrew and English (JPS version) relevant to the weekly parasha and each sidrah connects to the appropriate Haftorah. The Illustrated Torah is an incredible educational tool, giving children and adults alike the opportunity to interact with the text of the Torah.

How Can the Illustrated Torah Help Our Organization Fundraise?

The Illustrated Torah is an amazing fundraising tool that has generated between $80,000 and $145,000 for our clients. Our fundraising program is easy to implement. Your organization simply purchases an Illustrated Torah Scroll and sells dedications for the books, parshas, aliyahs, panels, lines, or whatever divisions you choose. In our experience, donors are excited to participate in an Illustrated Torah project, because it is easy to do and because they are helping to bring this amazing piece of art to your organization.

The Illustrated Torah can be used as a one-time fundraiser related to a special project or honoring someone who has been transformative to your organization. Or it can be used as an on-going fundraiser where participants’ names can continually be added to a dedications book as your organization raises funds. Either way, The Illustrated Torah will motivate your donors to give, and by controlling the giving levels, you can help donors give more than they might otherwise be inclined to do.