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Also this week is complicated,
several parts of several portions are read during the week.
We would say, we would like to advise our followers and visitors on this and ,provide you with today’s post:


We are Michal Meron and Alon Baker from the “Studio in Venice”, the creators of the Illustrated Torah (ITS). We are situated in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy which is still beautiful but very empty. We sit at the moment in quarantine including our cats we have to rely on the internet and try to be creative from home.

Weekly Parasha - Parashot Parashat Parashah The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron-1
Weekly Parasha - Parashot Parashat Parashah The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron-4

Many communities in the USA and the world have already purchased (ITS) to be used as a fundraiser. They saw it in our Galleries in Venice or in Old Jaffa. Enclosed is the opening part of our (ITS). Please read the attached leaflet.

Communities managed to raise between $55,000 to a $145,000. We will be glad to advise you how it was done. Basically each sponsor can dedicate a parasha in the name of his family parents, childrens, etc. which will then be displayed every week when that parasha is read.

sampler for synagogues with 4 sidrot_reduced_C

Should you decide that you are interested, and join the project with a down payment, we will send you a mini Torah scroll on loan so that you can display it for the congregation.

Tell us where you are situated and hopefully we will tell you where you can see a Torah in your vicinity.

Parashot can be also ordered individually as bar bat Mitzvah gifts and are now available at ample reduction for communities

With this project we hope to make people happy during these ‘interesting’ times

Cordially, Michal and Allon

The studio in Venice – Cannaregio 1152 – Venice 30121 – Italy

Phone +39-0415208997 – baker.alon@gmail.com

We wish you a speedy conclusion of this coronavirus and a return to some normality

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