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G-d gives Moses a series of laws specific to Aaron and all the priests; then instructs Moses to tell the people about the festivals, in addition to laws of blasphemy and murder. Priests are…READ MORE.

Then Aaron’s sons Nadav and Avihu offer «strange fire» before G-d and are struck dead. The people and the priests see the glory of G-d and are silent. G-d speaks to Moses and Aaron, telling them that the people must learn to distinguish between the sacred and the profane…READ MORE.

G-d continues to instruct Moses, calling him to gather Aaron and his sons so that they could be taught the rituals of sacrifice. At G-d’s command, Moses calls the people to the Tent of Meeting where he constructed the Tabern….READ MORE.

G-d commands Moses regarding various types of offerings: under what circumstances they should be offered, and what they should consist of. Moses conducts a ceremony to anoint the Tent of Appointed Meeting and the …READ MORE.