Parasha Sukkot 2022

The Festival of Huts

Sukkot in Venice

sukkot in venice

There is a halachic ruling that you can put a Sukkah on a camel. So if you can put a Sukkah on a camel then why not put a Succah  in a boat? The Chasidim in Venice like to celebrate  various Jewish festivals in boats. Here I painted, the Venice Chassidim on a boat in a Sukkah blessing the Lulav. You can see in the picture the Canale Ormesini with the iron bridge which is right behind the new Ghetto.

Sukkot in Israel

SUCCOT is one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals when the israelites would make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Jerusalem,

Religious Jewish Festivals  build a Succah, a little hut with leafy branches for a roof and hanging decorations.

The families take their meals in the Succah for a week. Relevant to the festival are four species: Etrog (the fruit from a citron tree), Lulav (a closed frond from a date palm), Hadass (boughs from the Mirtle treee) and Aravah (willow branches).

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