Parasha of the Week Vayakhel n.23

parasha_of_the_week_vayakhel_Parashot Parasha Vayekahel n23 The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

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Parasha of the Week Vayakhel n.23

Parasha of the Week Vayakhel n.23

The Israelites bring so many materials for the construction of the Tabernacle that Moses tells them to stop; Bezalel and Oholiab, gifted craftspeople, construct the elements of the Tabernacle. Moses says to the people: “These are the objects which G-d commanded to be made. On six days work may be done, but the seventh day, they should observe a Sabbath for G-d by refraining from work.

Parasha of the Week Vayakhel n.23

Gli israeliti partecipano alla costruzione del Tempio (Mishkan) portando così tanti materiali, di ogni tipo, che Moshé deve chiedere loro di fermarsi; a Bezalel e Oholiab, artigiani abili e apprezzati, viene conferito l’incarico di costruirne gli elementi architettonici e ogni dettaglio dell’interno. Moshé dice: «Questi sono gli oggetti che il Signore ha comandato di fare. Il lavoro dovrà essere compiuto per sei giorni, ma il settimo deve essere rispettato lo Shabbat in onore del Signore astenendosi dal lavoro».

Weekly Parasha - Parashot Parashat Parashah The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron SIDROT-5LQ

The image above, is showing the opening part of our Illustrated Torah scroll with the first 4 sidrot. This is a canvas reproduction of the opening part of our Medium size Illustrated Torah Scroll. The scroll contains all 54 sidrot of the Torah in paintings. It is used as a fundraiser (MAKES BETWEEN 75k and 145k) for communities and it costs a tiny fraction.

As you can see here in the video, this is also a great tool for Simchat Torah and the picture of 250 kids all holding the scroll up gives the chills.

I hope to have awakened your curiosity. We have to help each other in times of distress, and this is the way we can help you and you can help us.

If you are interested, let us know and I will send to you the “Real sampler” Free of Charge.

BTW, Michal is now painting an original scroll which will be ready in approximately one year.

Same paintings only originals on canvas and will be made out as a scroll.

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