Parasha of the Week n.36 Naso

parasha_of_the_week_Parashot Parasha Naso n36 The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

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Parasha of the Week n.36 Naso / Nasò

Parasha of the Week n.36 Naso

G-d describes the service of the Gershon family of Levites; laws relating to the suspected adulteress and the nazirite are given; God tells Moses and Aaron the priestly blessing; the heads of tribes bring gifts to the Tabernacle. G-d tells Moses to list the service each family shall undertake for the sake of the community and in honor of G-d. For the sons of Gershon, from 30 years old until 50 years old, their communal service shall be to carry all the tapestries and hangings of the Dwelling Place of The Testimony.

Parasha della settimana n.36 Naso

Il Signore descrive le mansioni della famiglia di Gershon (ai figli di Gershon, di età compresa fra trenta e cinquant’anni, è riservato il trasporto degli arazzi e dei paramenti del Luogo di Testimonianza) e consegna le leggi relative alla sospetta adultera e al nazireo. Quindi pronuncia la benedizione sacerdotale per Moshé e Aaron e i capi tribù portano doni al Tabernacolo. Il Signore comanda a Moshé di redigere una lista dei servizi specifici di ogni famiglia a beneficio della comunità e in onore del Signore.

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Illustrated Torah Scroll Parasha of the Week parasha n36 Naso_the studio in venice_2023
This Week Parasha Torah Banner The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

The image above, is showing the opening part of our Illustrated Torah scroll with the first 4 sidrot. This is a canvas reproduction of the opening part of our Medium size Illustrated Torah Scroll. The scroll contains all 54 sidrot of the Torah in paintings. It is used as a fundraiser (MAKES BETWEEN 75k and 145k) for communities and it costs a tiny fraction.

As you can see here in the video, this is also a great tool for Simchat Torah and the picture of 250 kids all holding the scroll up gives the chills.

I hope to have awakened your curiosity. We have to help each other in times of distress, and this is the way we can help you and you can help us.

If you are interested, let us know and I will send to you the “Real sampler” Free of Charge.

BTW, Michal is now painting an original scroll which will be ready in approximately one year.

Same paintings only originals on canvas and will be made out as a scroll.

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