Parasha of the Week Bo n.15 (Parashat Bo)

Parashot Parasha Bo n15 The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

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Parasha of the Week Bo n.15 (Parashat Bo)

Parasha of the Week Bo n.15 (Parashat Bo)

G-d said to Moses “Go again to Pharaoh for I have hardened his heart so I may display my signs to the people. It is these signs which will enable you and the generations after you to recognize me as your G-d. This is the story parents will pass down to their children and their children’s children. I will be known as the G-d who brought you out of the land of Egypt.” “Moses” G-d continued “this time tell the Pharaoh that if he wouldn’t let my people go, I will bring locusts to swarm the land.” Moses warned Pharaoh of the incoming locust plague. His advisers urged him to let the Hebrews go but Pharaoh would only relent enough to let the men go and not the women and children. Soon G-d sent so many locusts that the land was black with them.

Parasha della settimana Bo n.15 (Parashat Bo)

Il Signore dice a Moshé: «Torna dal faraone: ho indurito il suo cuore in modo tale da poter mostrare i miei segni al popolo. Perché con questi segni tu e le generazioni che verranno potrete riconoscere Me come il vostro Signore. Ed è questa la storia che tramanderete ai vostri figli e ai figli dei vostri figli: mi riconoscerete come il Signore che vi ha permesso di uscire dalla terra d’Egitto». Il Signore continua: «Moshé, questa volta dovrai comunicare al faraone che, se non lascia libero il mio popolo, manderò un’invasione di locuste sulla sua terra». Moshé avverte dunque il faraone dell’imminente nuova piaga, mentre i consiglieri lo esortano a lasciare andare gli ebrei, ma egli limita la concessione ai soli uomini, escludendone donne e bambini. Così il Signore manda, come promesso, un tal numero di locuste da rendere la terra nera.

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Weekly Parasha - Parashot Parashat Parashah The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron SIDROT-5LQ

The image above, is showing the opening part of our Illustrated Torah scroll with the first 4 sidrot. This is a canvas reproduction of the opening part of our Medium size Illustrated Torah Scroll. The scroll contains all 54 sidrot of the Torah in paintings. It is used as a fundraiser (MAKES BETWEEN 75k and 145k) for communities and it costs a tiny fraction.

As you can see here in the video, this is also a great tool for Simchat Torah and the picture of 250 kids all holding the scroll up gives the chills.

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