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Parashot Parasha Achare Mot Acharemot n30 The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

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One of the things this parasha teaches us is the necessity of keeping decrees and laws.
This implies a commitment to ethical living, where we actively seek to align our actions with moral principles. Pirke Avot 4:11expands on this idea, stating, “One who performs one mitzvah (commandment) acquires for himself a single defending advocate, and one who commits one transgression acquires for himself one accusing prosecutor.”
The central panel of the Parasha I painted the Yom Kippur in the Portuguese Synagogue, also known as the Snoge Synagogue, in Amsterdam.

News from the Ghetto

like every year for Pessach the mooring poles were freshly painted.
This time in bright red.

Cuore and Concordia is a historic Jewish charitable organization based in Venice,
Italy. The organization has deep roots in the Jewish community of Venice and has
been organizing the communal Seder since 1891. Like every year, we will celebrate
the Seder with many members of the community in a warm and familiar

We will be reading one of the beautiful replicas of the 1609 Venice Haggadah, which features Jewish Venetian texts in the margins, along with the classic old stains of wine and Khrein on the pages.

Pessach in Venice.
Lithography on canvas in Limited edition,
Wishing you all a happy Pessach from the Studio in Venice and the ScalaMata Gallery.

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