Parasha of the Week n.25 Vayikrah (Parashah Vayikra)

parasha_of_the_week_vayikrah_vayikra_Parashot Parasha Vaykra Vayikrah n25 The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

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Parasha of the Week n.25 Vayikrah (Parashah Vayikra)

Parasha of the Week n.25 Vayikrah

G-d commands Moses regarding various types of offerings: under what circumstances they should be offered, and what they should consist of. Moses conducts a ceremony to anoint the Tent of Appointed Meeting and the priests who will officiate in it. A cloud now covers the Tent of Appointed Meeting, and the Presence of the Lord fills the Tabernacle. G-d says to Moses “Explain to the sons of Israel the ways of bringing offerings to G-d. There will be offerings of animals and grains and fruit.“

Parasha della settimana n.25 Vayikrah

Il Signore fornisce a Moshé istruzioni sui vari tipi di offerte, circostanze ed entità consentite. Moshé presiede quindi una cerimonia per benedire la Tenda per l’Appuntamento Convenuto e i sacerdoti preposti alle funzioni. Una nuvola circonda il luogo e la presenza del Signore lo riempie completamente. Il Signore si rivolge quindi a Moshé: «Spiega ai figli d’Israele le regole per portare offerte di animali, cereali e frutta».

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