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Parashat Metzorah n.29

Navigating Life’s Journey with Ancient Insights

parasha_of_the_week_metzora_parshah_partshat_Parashot Parasha Metzora Metzorà n29 The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron

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According to the Torah Miriam and Aaron speak against Moses because of his marriage to a Cushite woman, and as a result, Miriam is struck with tzara’at and put outside the camp.

What,” asks the Talmud “is the meaning of the phrase “Life and death are in the hands of the tongue”?  this metaphor  is used to convey the following message – just as hands can kill, so too can a tongue kill.” Except that killing with one’s tongue is worse than killing with one’s hands because it is anonymous.

The Talmud (Arachin 15b) teaches that “lashon hara, the evil tongue” (aka gossip) is even more deadly than a sword, as it can kill many people even from a great distance. This insight is doubly true in in our modern age of the internet and fake news.

News from the Ghetto

“Like clockwork, every year, our community members and the children come together before passover to create those beloved ‘bisse’ cookies for Passover at our ancient Pessach bakery. While they  put together batches for thecomunity , everyone also prepares ‘bisse’  for family and friends

Figuring out the seasons in Venice can be a bit tricky. This city’s all about stone and water, so spotting the changes isn’t always obvious. That’s why heading to our community center for kiddush in spring feels like a real treat. You can’t beat soaking up the gorgeous Wisteria in the garden.

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