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Found in the Book of Numbers (Bamidbar), contains various themes, including the laws of the Nazirite, the Sotah (suspected adulteress), and the priestly blessings. Each of these topics offers relevant lessons for modern life, supported by insights from ancient sources like the Talmud.

Responsibility and Personal Vows (Nazirite):
Talmudic Source: In Nazir 19a, about the responsibility to fulfill our personal vows.
Modern Application: The significance of integrity and commitment where the dedication of the Nazirite reminds us of the value of sticking to one’s word in our life.

Community and Personal Conduct (Sotah):
Talmudic Source: in Sotah 7b discusses the ritual of the Sotah and its implications for
marital trust and community harmony.
Modern Application: This narrative points out the importance of trust and transparency within relationships by having a clear and open communication always.

Blessings and Well-being (Priestly Blessings):
Talmudic Source: in Sotah 39a are about how blessings were to be given with love and
Modern Application: A call to actively seek the well-being of others in our communities.
The priestly blessings emphasize the power of positive words and intentions. These
teachings from Parashat Naso, enriched by Talmudic wisdom, offer timeless lessons
that resonate well with our contemporary approach on comunity life.

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News From the Ghetto:

For the Week of the Jewish Culture we plan a historic percourse of hidden angles of the Ghetto. Among these treasures are the newly discovered 16th century old rooms of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (The Ramchal).

From our Gallery:

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