The Festival of Tabernacles
15 – 21 of Tishei
(Late september – Late October)

Day 1

sukkot in venice

There is a halachic ruling that you can put a Sukkah on a camel. So if you can put a Sukkah on a camel then why not put a Succah  in a boat? The Chasidim in Venice like to celebrate  various Jewish festivals in boats. Here I painted, the Venice Chassidim on a boat in a Sukkah blessing the Lulav. You can see in the picture the Canale Ormesini with the iron bridge which is right behind the new Ghetto.

Day 2

SUCCOT is one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals when the israelites would make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Jerusalem,

Religious Jewish Festivals  build a Succah, a little hut with leafy branches for a roof and hanging decorations.

The families take their meals in the Succah for a week. Relevant to the festival are four species: Etrog (the fruit from a citron tree), Lulav (a closed frond from a date palm), Hadass (boughs from the Mirtle treee) and Aravah (willow branches).