The ‘Rejoicing of the Law’

23 Tishrei (September, October)

“Simchat Torah” is the last day of the festival of Sukkot. It is the day when the annual cycle of the reading of the Torah in the synagogue is completed and the new cycle begins.

In the morning, the last part (parsha) of Deuteronimy and the first part of Genesis are read in the Synagogue. The Scrolls of the law are paraded seven times around the building. Children play an important part in the festivities: they join the procession and partecipate in the singing and dancing, usually with flags and miniature scrolls, thus adding to the gaiety and informality of the service.

In the painting you can see how The books and scrolls are paraded around  the synagogue at least seven times with  singing  and dancing. Today in Venice Simchat Torah is the time when books and scrolls are passed from the Levantine synagogue – the ‘winter’ synagogue – to the Spanish synagogue used in summer.

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Simchat Torah The Studio in Venice by Michal Meron